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Revolutionizing Door And Window Fixing with High Strength, Low Cost Self-Cutting Cement Screws

In the world of construction and home improvement, the importance of secure and durable door and window fixtures cannot be overstated. Traditional methods of fixing doors and windows often involve time-consuming and costly procedures. However, a groundbreaking solution has emerged in the

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A Versatile Solution for Various Applications

IntroductionThumb screws are a common type of fastener used in a wide range of applications. They are designed to be tightened and loosened by hand, eliminating the need for tools. However, in certain situations, standard thumb screws may not meet specific requirements. This is where brass non-stand

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Enhancing Efficiency And Safety in Fastening Applications

IntroductionFasteners play a crucial role in various industries, ensuring the stability and reliability of assembled components. However, the issue of loosening fasteners has been a persistent challenge, leading to potential safety hazards and operational inefficiencies. To address this concern, thi

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How To Select Carbon Steel Nickel Coated Phillips Drive Truss Head Machine Screws

When it comes to selecting the right machine screws for your projects, there are several factors to consider. One important aspect is the material of the screw, as it determines its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Carbon steel nickel coated Phillips drive truss head machine screws

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How fasteners are notated

How fasteners are notated

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Thread Pitch and Thread Count (TPI)

Thread Count (TPI)TPI stands for Threads Per Inch. This is simply a count of the number of threads per inch measured along the length of a fastener. TPI is used only with American fasteners. Metric Fasteners use a thread Pitch (see below). In general smaller fasteners have finer threads, so the thre

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Fastener materials

About Fastener MaterialsGeneral Fasteners are manufactured in a wide range of materials from common steel to titanium, plastic and other exotic materials. Many materials are further separated into different grades to describe specific alloy mixtures, hardening processes, etc. In addition, some materials are available with a variety of coatings or platings to enhance the corrosion resistance or alter the appearance of the fastener.

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Measuring diameter

Measuring fastener diameter.

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Measuring length

Fasteners with heads that sit above the surface are measured from under the head to the end of the fastener, while fasteners that sit flush with the surface are measured from the top of the head to the end of the fastener.

Major types of screws

Many types of screws for different application are available. General speaking, there are three major types.

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Head styles

Commonly used head styles include flat head, oval head, pan head, truss head, round head, hex head, hex washer head, socket cap head and button head.

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Drive Types

There are various drive types including Phillips drive, Freason drive, slotted drive, combination drive, socket hex drive, Allen drive, one way drive, square drive, star drive, torx drive.

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